Ages ago, when the time of man and magic mingled.
The face of the world was very different.
These unique creations are inspired by times long faded.

Featuring hand crafted Kraken Flasks, Sea Art & Leather.
Elstwhen brings some of the old the magic back into our realm.

Elstwhen is on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/shop/Elstwhen

10th September 2013

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The Cobalt Sea Kraken by Elstwhen

Limited Edition Glassware & Sculpture.
These Kraken were sculpted onto their vintage glassware,
using a stone like material that is firmly attached to the glass.
After the sculpting, the KrakensĀ are hand-painted and gloss finished.
This art work was made to last, using professional materials and
specialized techniques (I do not use polymer clay).

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